Materialise CO-AM

Scale Additive Manufacturing workflows with an open and agnostic software platform

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Connect the digital thread to optimize AM operations, demonstrate compliance and accelerate ROI.

Solutions to Support Additive Manufacturing Production Workflow

Order Entry

CO-AM enables easy quoting and ordering of 3D-printed parts for internal and external customers with a user-friendly, centralized ordering portal.

  • Capture orders easily

  • Maintain digital inventory and catalogs

  • Manage orders from one central system

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Instant Quoting & Ordering

Save valuable time and increase customer satisfaction by generating instant quotes.

  • Estimate costs accurately with a variety of configuration options

  • Streamline the costing and quoting process

  • Save valuable time

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Production Planning

Improve productivity, increase throughput, optimize capacity, and gain complete visibility across your AM operations.

  • Maximize build capacity and machine utilization

  • Improve delivery times to external and internal customers

  • Gain visiblity to the production floor

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Manage, organize, and coordinate all post-processing operations from a single platform to fulfill project requirements.

  • Reduce production errors

  • Minimize resource downtime

  • Improve efficiencies

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Quality Management

Generate and track quality documentation for every part to ensure complete visibility – from raw materials to the final product.

  • Enable continuous improvement

  • Identify deviations that fail to meet quality standards

  • Eliminate causes of defects and waste

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Machine Connectivity

Get a clearer view of production by capturing real-time data from all the machines used in your AM operations.

  • Improve visibility into machine operations

  • Support quality systems

  • Enhance data anaytics

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Analytics & Reporting

Track and measure the metrics that matter most to your organization with advanced data analytics and detailed reporting on production data

  • Create dashboards and track KPIs

  • Improve decision making

  • Increase machine utilization rates

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CO-AM gives your organization next-generation additive manufacturing capabilities today. Don’t wait to transform your business.