Analytics & Reporting

Track and measure the metrics that matter most to your organization with advanced data analytics and detailed reporting on production data

Create Dashboards and Track KPIs

CO-AM empowers you with intuitive dashboards and automated reports that help reduce downtime and maintenance overheads.

  • Easily track key KPIs with over 50 standard reports or configure new reports with a few clicks to keep stakeholders up to speed.

  • Get end-to-end visibility across your AM workflow with measurable metrics including costs, throughput, success rates, and more.

  • Share reports with authorized users for complete visibility and to enhance production planning.

Improve Decision Making

Leverage the power of past and current data to make well-informed decisions that fuel business growth and improve your bottom line. CO-AM allows you to visualize your AM workflows from order submission to delivery, connecting all sites digitally.

  • Get a complete overview of your facility to capture valuable insights that boost productivity.

  • Generate reports that compare productivity between sites or systems to identify trends and analyze root causes.

  • Access real-time data insights to understand operational performance, improve processes, and maximize efficiency.

Increase Machine Utilization Rates

Look at your past usage of equipment by class and type to help you forecast upcoming demand and better allocate equipment across job sites. 

  • Prevent issues and react quickly to machine downtime with easy-to-view live status reports.

  • Understand how machines are being used together to get a full picture of waste.

  • Use data to predict exactly when a machine will need maintenance, so you are not under- or over-maintaining it or dealing with unforeseen breakdowns.

CO-AM gives your organization next-generation additive manufacturing capabilities today. Don’t wait to transform your business.