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4 Benefits of Digital Part Inventory for Additive Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturers often have a large inventory of spare parts within its portfolio. Often times the Aerospace & Defense, Automotive and Off-Highway industries require a long-term service contract, implying businesses must delivery spare parts for a number of years, even if the product is no longer being manufactured. As a result, organizations have incur inventory and warehousing costs, which costs millions of dollars. As spare parts requests are low and unpredictable, many parts become obsolete overtime. Thus, organizations have been turning to additive manufacturing to deliver spare parts on-demand.

1. Digitize Spare Parts for On-Demand Reordering

When digitizing spare parts for on-demand reordering, organizations can centralize all CAD files, supporting documentation, production parameter settings, fixed workflows, quality control requirements to ensure manufacturing repeatability.

2. Reduce Costs: Inventory, Warehousing & Part Obsolescence

By digitizing spare parts, businesses can save on warehousing, inventory and part obsolescence costs up to 30% by printing on-demand. There is no more to build and maintain warehouses across the globe, manage inventory and parts that have reached their shelf life. With a centralized system, organizations can catalog parts, invite their users to place orders when issues arise. This can help reduce

3. Optimize Demand Management

Optimize re-orders and order submissions for on-demand distributed manufacturing based on market demands and part failure forecasts.

2. Centralize Parts ​& Orders

Version-controlled 3D files, order history, traceability and build reports are centralized in your 3D digital file management system.

Digital Part Inventory is a feature available within Link3D Additive Manufacturing Workflow Software.

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