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EOS and Link3D Ensure Additive Manufacturing Production Quality with PTC

EOS and Colorado-based additive manufacturing software provider Link3D have expanded its partnership with PTC to enable production quality using Augmented Reality (AR) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

“Scalable and agile industrial use of EOS additive production systems requires skilled and knowledgeable operators for the critical steps in preparation and post-processing,” stated Christoph Braeuchle, VP of Production Innovation Management at PTC.

“Procedural workforce guidance based on our Vuforia AR technology helps training and guiding the workforce and complements Link3D Additive MES. With a connection between Link3D and our ThingWorx industrial IoT platform this combined solution will empower our joint customers to further scale their use of additive production capabilities.”

Enabling production quality

Last year, EOS entered into a collaboration with Link3D to implement it’s AMES & Additive Workflow Software which streamlines internal and external additive manufacturing production. This workflow is capable of accelerating order turnaround time and maximizes machine utilization rates.

Earlier this month, the partnership was expanded with the integration of Link3D’s Production Scheduling software and EOSCONNECT for real-time and in-process monitoring of the build environment for production management purposes. Most recently at formnext 2019, the partners welcomed Massachusetts-based PTC to implement Vuforia, it’s computer visioning platform.

Michael Jan Galba, Head of Global Consulting & Manufacturing Engineering at EOS, continued, “This collaboration is an effective way to easily as well as properly document relevant operational procedures and checks through guided workflows. It will help organizations maintain their certifications while training the next generation of EOS system operators.”

EOS, Link3D and PTC

Within the latest alliance, EOS, Link3D, and PTC intend to optimize industrial additive manufacturing through five methods. This includes increasing production quality with repeatable fixed processes; Standardizing workflows with guided AR work instructions for EOS machine setup and maintenance; Enabling an end-to-end digital thread; Validating processes to customer regulatory requirements; and generating parts’ ‘Certificates of Conformance’, as well as other quality documentation.

Moreover, Vuforia will provide procedural guidance through digital work instructions in a 3D overlay on physical EOS machines using mobile and AR devices. This can also enable training solutions for a large number of employees with standardized workflows to prepare EOS machines.

Vishal Singh, CTO of Link3D, added, “The future of workforce training will be largely governed by AR/ VR. MES is going to play a critical role in validating training compliance and production to meet part-related customer specifications.”