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Aundera Schroder
What is Link3D Project Collaboration?

Link3D enables teams to work on a single platform to collaborate on research and development, rapid prototyping to series production projects. Improve communication and increase speed-to-market in a secure environment built specifically for Additive Manufacturing.

1. Enable Better Communication

Built-in Additive Manufacturing collaboration tools such as real-time messaging, automated email notifications, task management, milestone setting, reporting and workflow automation will help users feel as if they are working side-by-side.

2. On-Time Delivery

Empower all employees in Additive Manufacturing with built-in project management tools to stay on track with new and current AM part orders. This makes it easier for everyone to receive action items and meet deadlines. Assign tasks to users within a work order and track their progress to deliver on time.

3. Ensure Security Requirements are Met

With access and permission settings granted on a per user level, Link3D makes it easier for organizations to structure their business by departments and teams.

4. Speed-Up Workflows with DfAM Tools

Reduce 3D file and data preparation costs with built-in quality assurance tools, such as printability checker and mesh healer.