Production Planning

Improve productivity, increase throughput, optimize capacity, and gain complete visibility across your AM operations.

Maximize Build Capacity

  • Batch multiple geometries from work orders to schedule jobs in advance for production with 2D and 3D nesting with CO-AM's Production Planning solution.

  • Achieve repeatable AM production with integrated build preparation tools.

  • Optimize print builds and set optimal build parameters based on multiple criteria including material type, delivery date, and machine availability.

  • Effectively plan AM production centrally from any location, while optimizing your AM supply chain.

Improve On-Time Delivery

  • Plan and schedule operations and orders based on configurable priorities, such as due date, material switchover minimization, and production parameters.

  • Expedite delivery by planning efficiently using print job estimations, post-processing chains, automatic production sheet generation, and scheduled downtime.

  • Meet the part delivery dates your clients selected, thereby improving your profitability.

  • Recommend job assignments to available machines and workers based on availability and delivery dates.

Gain Visibility to the Production Floor

  • Visually plan, coordinate, and track each work order throughout the 3D printing production process to deliver on time, every time.

  • View machine status, prioritize production jobs, and schedule production and post-processing jobs.

  • Enable complete traceability, tracking all activity on the production floor –from ordering to production to the final delivery.

  • Keep an eye on all changes at the unit, part, and order level to increase transparency, enhance machine utilization, and meet production deadlines.

CO-AM gives your organization next-generation additive manufacturing capabilities today. Don’t wait to transform your business.