Order Entry

CO-AM enables easy quoting and ordering of 3D-printed parts for internal and external customers with a user-friendly, centralized ordering portal.

Capture Orders Easily

Your internal and external customers can easily upload orders into the CO-AM software platform through an eCommerce portal for quoting.

  • Ensure a smooth customer experience with instant quoting, payment, and order tracking.

  • Reduce manual steps to accelerate order capturing and to avoid data entry errors.

  • Consolidate orders into one data structure to ensure uniformity and easy accessibility customer order information.

Manage Digital Inventory
and Catalog

Customer part orders and instructions can be saved in a customer’s digital inventory for future orders. Also, customers can create a digital catalog of predefined parts to ensure order accuracy and accelerated procurement.

  • Increase repeat orders by eliminating the hassle of manually entering order info.

  • Cut down on remakes and errors with accurate customer instructions from the get-go.

  • Improve delivery speed with pre-defined catalogs while accelerating the uploading time of orders.

Manage Orders Centrally

Save your team’s time and energy by managing and processing all orders through one consolidated platform. Generate work plans, provide precise job costing, and ensure that delivery deadlines are met with real-time status tracking.

  • Gain visibility across all work orders based on user permission and access control.

  • Centralize work order submissions to process additive manufacturing requests.

  • Configure order forms to capture relevant data to drive business analytics.

CO-AM gives your organization next-generation additive manufacturing capabilities today. Don’t wait to transform your business.