Machine Connectivity

Get a clearer view of production by capturing real-time data from all the machines used in your AM operations.

Improve Visibility

CO-AM displays easy-to-understand intuitive charts to visually monitor machines across your additive manufacturing operations. It acts as a single point of control for all of your equipment, so you can get full visibility into your processes.

  • Create useful information out of the raw collected data about the existing status of production from all equipment.

  • Register and retrieve related information in order to present a complete history of lots, orders, or equipment.

  • Collect and manage data regarding what has been done in manufacturing processes from acceptance of raw materials and parts to shipment of products.

Support Quality Systems

Experience higher equipment uptime because of improved communication between machines and fewer man-hours dedicated to measuring, inspecting, reporting, and quality management.

  • Enjoy real-time and in-process monitoring of the build environment for production management purposes.

  • Automate the validation of fixed workflow process requirements across production systems with integrated in-process monitoring and quality management.

  • Capture and validate workflows and quality data to meet customer regulatory requirements for AS9100, ISO9001, ITAR, SAE, EN:13485, and others.

Enhance Data Analytics

CO-AM takes you beyond Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) with built-in analytics and contextualized data from people and devices. With machine connectivity, you can carry out real-time job or order monitoring through a centralized production scheduling system.

  • Generate reports based on real-time KPIs and enable operators to visualize production line performance and identify build progress and when issues must be resolved.

  • Use data analytics to identify underperforming machines and take the necessary actions to remedy the situation.

  • Track and trace in real-time all benchmark requests, scheduled jobs, machine set-up, and post-production quality data.

CO-AM gives your organization next-generation additive manufacturing capabilities today. Don’t wait to transform your business.