Instant Quoting
and Ordering

Save valuable time and increase customer satisfaction by generating instant quotes.

Estimate Costs Accurately

Accurately estimate costs of 3D parts, recommending the most suitable materials to be used based on the parts’ functional requirements.

  • Perform automatic calculation of project costs based on specific parameters and generate instant quotes.

  • Reduce manufacturing costs by identifying ways to optimize processes and make productivity gains.

  • Keep track of production costs for reporting purposes and eliminate the need to price manually.

Streamline Costing and Quoting

Configure work order forms to display pricing estimates to reduce friction for closing new sales opportunities.

  • Standardize costing and quoting strategies with 2D & 3D nesting simulations, formulas, and volume-based pricing.

  • Extend instant-formula-driven quoting, allowing customers to quickly decide and order.

  • Unify the quote, order, billing, and fulfillment experience for the end customer through a unified system.

Save Time

Use CO-AM’s Auto-Pricing tool with line-item control to generate quotations and cost sheets that include direct material, production time, consumables, post-processing, and other line items.

  • Generate accurate quotes automatically and instantly with just a few clicks.

  • Offer a simple and intuitive front-end platform for your customers, simplifying their journey and saving time.

  • Allow customers to quickly send orders through the platform straight to your sales and production teams.

CO-AM gives your organization next-generation additive manufacturing capabilities today. Don’t wait to transform your business.