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AMWatch™ IoT Platform

AMWatch™ provides live data and remote monitoring of manufacturing machine assets. This enables production and quality managers greater visibility to machine data allowing for more timely resource and quality decisions

Improve Visibility & Productivity

AMWatch™ can help production operators efficiently monitor assets in a distributed additive manufacturing environment. AMWatch™ provides build status updates to alert operators of potential production anomalies as they occur.

- More timely resource allocation
- Reduce material waste and scrap
- Increase machine utilization
- Improve part delivery times

Support Quality Systems

AMWatch™ provides visibility to sensor and other machine data. This allows machine operators and quality managers valuable feedback to ensure parts are built within quality control standards.

- Reduce risk by early detection of quality anomalies
- Reduce post-processing and testing costs for non-comforming parts
- Improver overall throughput yield

Enhance Data Analytics

AMWatch™ and Link3D MES collect machine and production data throughout the entire additive manufacturing process into a unified data repository - instead of combining data from multiple, disparate systems.
- Facilitate root cause and trend analysis
- Enable cost-effective qualification and part certification
- Historical data enables predictive analytics and continuous production improvement
"Stratasys understands the need for a connected factory floor and is building the smart factory of the future with our Printer Connectivity Strategy.  Together, we are bringing Stratasys GrabCAD SDK's to the market in partnership with Link3D’s AMWatch™… addressing joint customers' challenges including automated production quality insights across the factory floor, dynamic scheduling, and optimization of throughput."

Paul Giaconia
VP of Product Software

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