Consumer Products

In the competitive consumer product industry, additive manufacturing and 3D printing enhances collaboration between engineers, packaging designers and marketers to bring prototyping and industrial parts to market rapidly.

Digital transform AM supply chains to enable prototyping, low-volume production and personalized production at scale.
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Enable Digital Manufacturing Supply Chains for Additive Manufacturing

Supply chain 4.0 will enable consumer product sectors operate faster, increase production flexibility and become more accurate with costing and delivery deadlines.
Standardize and validate processes to adhere to regulatory bodies

Maintain visibility with item tracking as 3D printed parts move throughout the supply chain. Organizations gain greater control over product, process quality and quickly respond to customer demands, while meeting strict customer and regulatory body requirements (i.e.: ISO, UL).

Optimize Production Throughput and Maximize Capacity for 3D Printing

By digitizing AM workflows with Link3D workflow & MES software, manufacturers and suppliers can be connected with one system. Access production planning tools to help prioritize production across multiple sites. Gain actionable insights from data analytic dashboards to make better decisions.

Gain End-to-End Visibility with Data Traceability across your Supply Chain

Link3D’s AM workflow software captures and stores data at every stage of the 3D printing process. This allows organizations to optimize their operations and drive continuous improvement programs to maximize quality production at scale.


The Future of Advanced Manufacturing

Get ready for Industry 4.0 with Shane Fox, CEO of Link3D. This white paper provides insight on how organizations can drive innovation for product development, supply chain enablement within the manufacturing mix.


AM Industry Facts for the Consumer Product Industry

63% of manufacturers expect 3D
printing to double in the next 2 to 5 years.

Up to 40% of lead time slashed
when 3D printing prototyping parts.

20% of consumer goods companies will be using 3D printing by 2021 to create custom products.

Enable a Versatile AM Supply Chain

Stay ahead of changing industry needs and complex supply chains by advancing AM production to meet delivery times, visibility over operations, and increased traceability.
Link3D Order Entry, ​Quoting & Costing

Become more efficient by centralizing ordering, achieving consistent costing, and gaining insight from real-time data analytics. Deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

Link3D Production Planning & Scheduling

Maximize production throughput with dynamic planning and scheduling for time-consuming geometries and high-volume orders. Deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

Link3D Post-Production
& Quality Management

Plan and track quality data across downstream manufacturing processes with digital travellers,  pre and post checklists across workstations. Deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

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