Link3D for Medical Device & Point of Care

With over hundreds of hospitals and medical device OEMs invested in additive manufacturing to improve patient care, it’s no doubt why they’ve turned to digital manufacturing solutions to scale 3D printing initiatives.

Increasing number of physicians, biomedical engineers and application engineers are developing patient-specific parts, surgical tools, anatomical models, orthopedic implants, dental and scan/cad-to-print parts to improve our quality of life.

Introduction of quality systems designed for additive manufacturing operations can help medical device manufacturers and point of care organizations quickly scale up their data traceability programs, ensure parts produced meet specifications, and are able to output digital certificates to demonstrate parts followed fixed workflows.
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Enable quality production at scale

Digitally Transform your Medical and Point of Care
Additive Manufacturing Supply Chains

Link3D provides a single view of an organization's' manufacturing assets and offers planning, simulation, and data management tools required to optimize, continuously improve and scale their manufacturing environments.
Enhance Protection
of Patient Data

All tracked data is stored in secure environments with On-Premise or Private Cloud deployments for high-level security and IP protection requirements. This ensures data traceability, privacy, and compliance with industry regulations.

Enable Mass Customization
of Part Production

Link3D gives your organization the ability to visualize with quickly printing prototypes for your team. 3D printing also easily and quickly centralizes the production for customized prosthetics, in-body parts, and small run parts

Comply with
Industry Standards

With Link3D’s Quality Management System, you can consistently provide products and services that meet the strict regulatory requirements of the industry. With this, you can ensure patients of the
certainty in following regulations and the ability to be precise in surgery.


Learn from Medical
& Point of Care Experts

With over hundreds of hospitals and medical device manufacturers invested in additive manufacturing to improve patient care, it’s no doubt why they’ve turned to digital manufacturing solutions to scale their initiatives. Learn from Dr. Jonathan Morris and Amy Alexander from Mayo Clinic, Keith Grafmeyer from VisionAir 3D and Laura Gilmour from EOS that share their perspectives on digitalization and its purpose to scale 3D Printing.

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AM Industry Facts

96% reduction of cost for prototyping with 3D Printing.

12.5% potential reduction in total manufacturing cost when introducing digital manufacturing software

Expect 70% cost savings for producing AM parts in the medical industry.

Explore Medical Devices Production Systems & Point of Care Quality Systems
Designed for Additive Manufacturing

Stay ahead of changing industry needs and complex supply chains by advancing Additive Manufacturing production to meet delivery times, visibility over operations, and reduce cybersecurity risks.
Link3D Order Entry, Quoting & Costing

Become more efficient by centralizing ordering, achieving consistent costing, and gaining insight from real-time data analytics. Deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

Link3D Production Planning & Scheduling

Maximize production throughput with dynamic planning and scheduling for time-consuming geometries and high-volume orders. Deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

Link3D Post-Production & Quality Management

Plan and track quality data across downstream manufacturing processes with digital travellers,  pre and post checklists across workstations. Deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

“Currently, there is no end to end solution that can track a patient specific model, guide or device manufactured at the point of care from order through imaging, segmentation, CAD design, printing and ultimately into the surgeon's hands. Link3D has the opportunity to fill that gap in the point-of-care additive manufacturing ecosystem."

Dr. Jonathan Morris, MD
Neuroradiologist at Mayo Clinic

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