Materialise Completes Acquisition of Link3D
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Begin Your Digital Transformation Journey

Link3D enables organizations to scale their additive manufacturing infrastructure
across complex supply chains and IT environments.
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Link3D helps organizations streamline additive manufacturing workflows across North America, Europe and APAC

Link3D Additive Workflow & Manufacturing Execution System

Link3D acts as an operating system enabling businesses to scale their additive manufacturing infrastructure. Third party enterprise systems can integrate into the Link3D platform on-premise, private cloud or Link3D's secure cloud.

Link3D Applications

Link3D offers modular solutions for organizations to scale their additive manufacturing processes 
and enables workflow automation by connecting  IT, hardware and software technologies with APIs.


Centralize Orders & Optimize Pricing

Configure order forms and collect data in any language
Choose your costing and pricing strategy: simulation, formula, or volume
Automatically generate quotations and cost sheets for customers and internal use
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Maximize & Optimize Production Throughput

Plan production ahead of time with daily, weekly and monthly Gantt Charts
Mass schedule 2D and 3D nested builds with production planning tools
Automatically keep track of queued, completed and failed jobs
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Ensure On-Time Delivery Across Downstream Manufacturing Processes

Attach pre and post checklists to job travelers and work plans to parts per work order
Automate data entry and workflow statuses with QR codes
Route post-processing jobs across facilities and suppliers
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Enable Production Quality at Scale with
End-to-End Traceability

Track production parameters and quality  data for each serialized part and job
Auto-generate quality reports from data stored across upstream and downstream manufacturing processes
Capture the digital thread and enable repeatability of end use parts
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Be at the Forefront of your Industry with Actionable Insights

Setup real-time data analytic dashboards to track daily, weekly and monthly KPIs and metrics
Understand 3D printing demand, production capacity, material usage, workflow inefficiencies and ROI
Push and pull data across 3rd party enterprise systems to gain a holistic view of your operations
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Company-Wide Business Intelligence

Connect with 3rd party software to push and pull data for driving actionable insights to your entire business.
“We are proud to have Link3D as one of our software partners for streamlining our facilities with AM MES & workflow software to connect the Digital Thread.” 
Patrick Schrade
Head of Application Engineering

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Learn how you can build and scale your additive manufacturing infrastructure with Link3D white papers, case studies, blogs, webinars and short videos.
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"Partnering with Link3D helped us take our additive manufacturing offering to the next level, and the efficiencies gained from implementing Link3D are having an immediate impact on both on-time delivery and quality, with the benefits of real-time analytics."

Tracy Beard
Director of Operations
3D Systems On Demand

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Reach out to begin your Digital Transformation strategy with Link3D Additive Workflow &  Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

✓ Streamline additive manufacturing workflows
✓ Accurately cost and quotes parts
✓ Maximize and optimize production throughput
✓ Gain visibility across operations and part history
✓ Enable production quality at scale
✓ Introduce data and process maturity with digital transformation

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