MODULE: production planning & scheduling

Maximize Production
Capacity & Throughput

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Production Planning System

Quickly visualize and schedule parts across your equipment with 2D and 3D nesting.


Mass Schedule
& Maximize Capacity

Batch multiple geometries from work orders to schedule jobs in advance for production with 2D and 3D nesting with Link3D's Production Planning solution.

Prioritize Jobs
to Delivery On Time

Plan and scheduling based on configurable priorities, such as: due date, material switchover minimization, production parameters.

Production Scheduling System

Quickly visualize and schedule parts across your equipment with 2D and 3D nesting.


Gain Visibility Across
the Production Floor

Visually plan, coordinate, and track each work order throughout the 3D printing production process to deliver on time.

Easily Review Quality Data 
& Reorder Parts

Achieve end-to-end part traceability across the 3D printing production life cycle by capturing production, material, machine, labor and quality parameters.

Track Job Failures
& Machine Downtimes

Track and trace failed additively manufactured parts and machine downtime reasons with pre and post checklists attached to the digital traveler.

Turn Data Into Actionable Insights

Identify bottlenecks across the production
floor to maximize capacity, track material and asset usage for vendor negotiations and get buy-in from management with ROI analysis.
“Currently, there is no end to endsolution that can track a patient specific model, guide or device manufacturedat the point of care from order through imaging, segmentation, CAD design,printing and ultimately into the surgeon's hands. Link3D has the opportunity tofill that gap in the point-of-care additive manufacturing ecosystem."

Dr. Jonathan Morris, MD
Neuroradiologist at Mayo Clinic

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