Manage, organize, and coordinate all post-processing operations from a single platform to fulfill project requirements.

Reduce Production Errors

The AM process is not completed once a part has been 3D printed. You’ll have to perform post-processing to achieve its final part requirements.

  • Achieve visibility with a digital system that tracks communications, job statuses, and real-time activities.

  • Leverage digitalization to integrate post-processing and quality management into your AM workflows.

  • Establish a sequence of post-processing steps, so it is clear what has to be done, when, and by whom.

Minimize Downtime

CO-AM offers visible work queues that allow for labor planning, thereby reducing downtime. It connects your additive manufacturing supply chains and IT environments to provide you with more control and insight into your production environment.

  • Obtain a shared source of truth across the team with real-time transparency driven by digitized systems.

  • Get crystal-clear visibility into downtime, tracking how many hours you are losing on average in unplanned downtime across which machines.

  • Access the data you need to implement additional measures on the purchasing, planning, and materials side to decrease downtime.

Improve Efficiencies with Lot Management

CO-AM tracks the complete status of the product including the production line in which the product is created, whether production assembly is done through the BOM, and whether all the quality parameters are checked.

  • Get end-to-end control over the production process from a single location, allowing users to execute strategies instantly.

  • Ensure each of the post-production steps is managed and coordinated as part of an integrated production workflow for optimal efficiency.

  •       Streamline your lot inventory, allowing you to sell more products and improve communications with customers.

CO-AM gives your organization next-generation additive manufacturing capabilities today. Don’t wait to transform your business.